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The 2016 Hotshot Reunion; San Diego, CA

The 2016 Hotshot Reunion; San Diego, CA

You’re invited to attend the 2017 U.S. Hotshot Reunion:

The U.S. Hotshot Association will be hosting their next annual Reunion and Business Meeting in Reno, NV on March 24th and 25th, 2017. The reunion is open to anyone who enjoys sharing their wildland fire stories, regardless of your specific wildland fire job or agency. All wildland firefighters are welcome to attend.

Everyone: First of all we need to thank Dave Provencio for all of his effort and time in getting the logistics of our 2017 reunion ready to roll!  That said it’s time to get signed up for the 2017 IHC reunion!  This year’s reunion will be in Reno, NV on March 24th and 25th.  As we have done before there will be an evening icebreaker on Friday the 24th with the U.S. Hotshot Association Meeting taking place on Saturday the 25th.  This year we have arranged for a group meal to be served buffet style on Saturday evening at the Great Basin Brewing Company which is in Victorian Square directly adjacent to the Nugget.  No driving required.


Location: The Nugget Casino Resort; (It’s the twin towers on I-80 in Sparks just east of downtown Reno).  Address: 1100 Nugget Ave  Sparks, NV  89431

Dates: 03/24-25/2017

Cost: $69.00 per room for the motel and $25.00 per person for the Saturday Buffet (see menu here).  Please consider reserving a room through the hotel; the Association receives a discounted rate on our meeting room dependent on a minimum number of hotel room rentals.

How to reserve a room: Call 1.800.648.1177 direct and use Group Code: GUSHSAR to get our rate. Or click here to reserve online with our special rate:

Who’s Invited: All wildland firefighters!


Friday Evening Icebreaker: The Friday evening icebreaker (One of our best attended and favorite events) will be at the Nugget Casino.  The exact location will be determined later when we see how many folks are showing up.  We’ll get back to everyone with specific information prior to the 24th; plan on attending!

Agenda for the US Hotshot Association Meeting on Saturday: The specific agenda for Saturday is currently a work in progress.  A couple of the items our association is currently working on how include:

  • How we can help or fellow IHC personnel in need.
  • A mentoring program between some of our older supts and younger supts.
  • The nuts and bolts of what we want the association to look like in the future.

Saturday Group Dinner: If you’re planning to join us at the Saturday meal, email Kurt La Rue at with your name and how many will be in your party.  Payment will be at the door Saturday evening.

More information on these and other projects the U.S. Hotshots are working on can be found here on the website.  We would appreciate everyone showing up and helping us get our IHC association off to a great start.

Time frames: We do need everyone who is planning to attend to get their call into the Nugget as soon as possible.  Our meeting room and the costs associated with it as well as the location of the icebreaker are to be determined by the number of rooms we have booked by given dates so we very much appreciate your cooperation by booking as soon as possible!

Please note: At this time most of the officers and directors of our organization are older, retired superintendents.  We are looking for younger leaders who are interested in working with us and taking our association into the future.  Come on in Saturday and see if that can be you. Be sure to monitor the News and Events page for reunion updates.

Interested in attending?  Let us know by providing your contact information below. Make sure to reserve your hotel room as soon as possible!


  1. David Provencio

    David Provencio
    July 20, 2016

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    See you in Reno, NV

  2. Russell Copp
    November 3, 2016

    Leave a Reply

    Bring it on…

  3. Jimmie Rocha
    November 3, 2016

    Leave a Reply

    Looking forward to it. Enjoyed last years event.

  4. Robert Bennett
    November 6, 2016

    Leave a Reply

    Will be great to see everyone!

  5. Robert Bennett
    November 14, 2016

    Leave a Reply

    See everyone in Reno

  6. Tony Duprey
    November 22, 2016

    Leave a Reply

    Looking forward to seeing all you old codgers🌅🙊

  7. Robert Serrato
    January 14, 2017

    Leave a Reply

    One for dinner

  8. Robert Serrato
    January 14, 2017

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    One for dinner Reno

  9. Tony Doty

    Tony Doty
    January 20, 2017

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    I’m planning on it. For everyone’s SA the WUI Conference and the National IC/AC meeting will be going on that week at the Peppermill. Both wrap-up just in time on Thursday.

  10. Don "Commander" Will
    February 3, 2017

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    See you rogue warriors on the 24th.

  11. Brian Fennessy
    February 24, 2017

    Leave a Reply

    Will be there…… for dinner.

  12. Erika Chamberlin
    March 2, 2017

    Leave a Reply

    Looking forward…

  13. Ron Bollier
    March 14, 2017

    Leave a Reply

    2 for dinner. See you soon!

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