The newly formed U.S. Hotshots Association is seeking submissions for their logo contest. What represents Hotshots? What represents life on the Fireline, the work and spectacle of Hotshotting? What represents the Hotshot Family, as a symbol, at a glance? These are the questions we are looking to answer with a meaningful, aesthetically dialed, and bad-ass symbol to craft the visual identity of the USHA around!

With a Preserving the Past, Paying it Forward ethos, the U.S. Hotshots Association is an organization founded around a specific mission: to support, promote, protect, and preserve all Hotshot Crews and Hotshot Crewmembers — current, former, and future. Dedicated to preserving the rich history of the U.S. Hotshot program, committed to mentorship, and intended to support of special and dire needs, the USHA has also formed with an intent to directly influence innovation and advancement across the major quarters of Wildland Fire culture, policy, and operations: Safety, Leadership, Suppression, and Management.

The USHA Logo is wide open for expression and interpretation, and graphic creativity. We believe that crowd-sourcing—particularly within our Hotshot community and across the extended Fire community—will give us the best opportunity to create a design that resonates meaningfully with both Hotshots and the USHA, and will come to identify the USHA at a single glance.


We consider the most important component of this logo design to be a strong and powerful symbol, one that can become recognizable on its own (think Nike’s swoosh). This symbol will often be used in conjunction with the text “U.S. Hotshots Association” and/or the acronym “USHA;” and it may also be paired with the ethos of our Mission Statement: “Preserving the Past, Paying it Forward.” The symbol will also be incorporated with/in a shield, circle, rectangle, and square at times, as well as used alone.

The final logo symbol will need to be scalable: recognizable and unique in multiple sizes and applications.

We are open to all formats and methods for communication of concept. A fully dialed graphics file is great, but so are sketches and other traditional graphic/artistic techniques that communicate concept and style. For that matter, we’ll accept a logo concept drawn on your lunch sack with a charcoaled stick done while you mop up on a fire, or a picture of a piece of Fireline chainsaw art made with the USHA logo/symbol in mind.

Additionally, the USHA will retain the right to use parts and pieces of any concept/graphic submitted to us, and any individual(s) whose work is incorporated will be both credited and receive the full prize. This means that the final logo may in fact be a mashup of a few different folks’ concepts, and may also go through the hand of a graphic designer for formatting and coloring, depending on the format of the original submission. Submissions can be made in grayscale, black and white, or color. Please see the next section regarding color and style guidelines.


For color and styling guidance, as well as to gain a more complete understanding of the USHA, please see the website: ushotshots.com. The color theme for the Association is predominately our chosen Orange (HEX #ff7e00 or R:255 G:126 B:0) on a white background. While this orange on white color scheme will certainly be incorporated into the logo, an additional color (max three color logo) will be welcomed for consideration.



Well, anyone really! Though we hope for and expect submissions to come primarily from our Hotshot Community, we will welcome submissions from any and all sources, be they artists, interested individuals, family members, and so on.



The creator(s) of the winning Symbol/Logo will receive their choice of:

  • 5 Years of Free USHA Membership, plus a hat, tee, sticker, and sweatshirt featuring the brand-new USHA Logo, or
  • 1 Year of Free USHA Membership for each and every member of their 2016 Hotshot Crew.

Should we choose to use parts of multiple logos, each contributor will be eligible for the prize. (The maximum value of award, should prize 2. be chosen, is $500.00)



Deadline for submission is May 1, 2017. Please submit digital work to c4hotshots@gmail.com, or contact us at this email address should you want to send a physical piece.

Logos will be narrowed down to a final round, and presented to the Logo and Communications Subcommittee, which will review and vote. The final logo will be launched, and all prizewinners announced, by May 15, 2017.