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Ken Jordan, a longtime Superintendent of the Sierra Hotshots, passed away unexpectedly on November 27, 2016.  Ken started in 1976 on the El Cariso Hotshots and retired in 2014 from his “dream” position as the Sierra Hotshot Superintendent–after 40 years in the fire service (31 years as a Hotshot).  The U.S. Hotshot community is deeply saddened by the loss of this great man. If you are interested in attending the memorial service or sending your support, please see below. Rest in peace, Kenny. We will miss you.

From Ken’s wife, Charlotte Jordan:


It has really been on my heart to reach out with gratitude to the Hotshot community. On November 27. 2016 unexpected and sudden my husband, and your hotshot comrade, Ken Jordan left this earth to take his place in the kingdom of heaven. As you can imagine, our family was paralyzed with grief.

We speak so often about “doing the right thing” but, time and again, when called to task, that becomes a lot of talk with no action. I can whole heartedly say that this is not the case when a fellow Hotshot has fallen. What an amazing and valued group you all are. The respect and compassion that was made known to our family will always be remembered and cherished. The honor that was demonstrated for Ken was the most heartfelt and moving experience that I have ever witnessed. There were more than 1000 in attendance at the service and over 4000 devices connected for live streaming.

Before I could reach out for help, the help was there. Our family realized very quickly that our Hotshots friends were our family too. We felt comforted in knowing that this tremendous force of humanity was there with us every step of the way.

Ken was honored to be a hotshot and what that stands for. I have seen that same honor and integrity in all of you.

Special thanks to Sierra Hotshots for stepping up right away and taking on the logistics and helping with the details of the service. Gratefulness to Crane Valley Hotshots, for the meal train that was coordinated and set up. Thank you all for the many, many donations to help support the missionary trips and work that Ken was committed to. Thank you all for the hundreds of cards that were mailed to our family. Each written with the most sincere condolences and all of the flowers and large wreath arrangements.

Bless you all,
Charlotte Jordan
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. John 15:13

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  1. David Provencio
    November 29, 2016

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    We will be there…… Just remember Kenny how is lived.

  2. Maeve Juarez
    November 29, 2016

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    I will always remember “no whining” and always think of Ken whenever I catch myself about to complain about something 🙂

  3. Russell Copp
    December 1, 2016

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    In 2012 just before I retired I was working as a T3 IC on severity on the Tonto NF. Part of the resources I was working with were the Sierra IHC. Every morning we did a briefing with all the crews and one morning I asked Ken to share a near miss event that happened to him. He agreed and throughout his presentation with his crew and roughly 15 others present you could hear a pin drop while he was speaking.
    Thank you Ken for taking the time and sharing your lessons.
    You will be missed….

  4. Rich Regan
    December 9, 2016

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    I only got to work for Ken for one season, 1989. I remember that he was a great foreman with a big heart and a big love for his crew. He is one of the few that stands out above the others when I look back on all the people I worked with.

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