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It is with great pride that the U.S. Hotshots Association (USHA) is announcing the Chudabeef Raffle. Chudabeef which is a company that produces fantastic beef jerky recently reached out to the association and offered to support our mission through sponsoring an online raffle. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the USHA.

The association’s primary mission is to provide support to Hotshots and their families when in need. Recently the association established a scholarship program. It takes your support for the mission of the USHA to be carried out.

This is a great example of partnership with Chudabeef and the U.S. Hotshot Association. The support that Chudabeef is providing the association is awesome as well as their beef jerky.

The following is background information on Chudabeef;

Chudabeef is pronounced “CHEW-DUH-BEEF

Chudabeef started with a belief that they could make a better jerky. They tirelessly tested recipes and sourced the very best ingredients to create a distinctive jerky. The jerky is made of 100% USDA Choice beef which makes it superior in taste and texture. No preservatives and no B.S. It goes without saying — this is not your usual jerky. Once you try Chudabeef, you may never want another jerky again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

See their website for additional information.

For additional information in regards to the raffle see the link below.

US Hotshot Association

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