Stan Stewart was a longtime Hotshot with the Los Padres IHC (1974-2010), a founding member of the U.S. Hotshots Association, and the Assn’s first President elect. He passed in 2017, after a long fight with cancer, after having made an unforgettable impact on the Hotshot community, and greater wildland fire service, as well as all who worked with and for him directly. A natural mentor, leader, teacher, and organizer who valued training and education as paramount, Stan worked tirelessly to get our Association in a position to help support both current and former Hotshots, as well as Hotshot families in need. This scholarship is a part of his dream, and as such, is named in his honor.

The USHA Stan Stewart Scholarship was created to aid Hotshots and Hotshot families in their pursuit of personal and community improvement, through higher education, and the learning of marketable trades and skills. We wish each of you the best of luck in whatever path you choose in life, and we welcome your application for consideration.

To qualify for the U.S. Hotshots Association scholarship an applicant must be one (or more) of the following:

  • A Regular Member of the U.S. Hotshots Association, or in the immediate family* of a current Association member


  • A current or former hotshot
  • The immediate family* of a current or former hotshot

*Immediate family refers to a person’s parents, spouse, children, and siblings and will also include the parent’s spouse. Step children and adopted children, and their spouses, are included under the purview of immediate family (

Required docs checklist:

  • Online Application
  • Essay, 500-1000 words
  • Letter of Acceptance to educational institution
  • Official Transcript

To apply for a USHA scholarship please click the link below and complete/submit the application provided. This standard application form will be used by all applicants.

Submit a 500 to 1000-word essay along with your application. Use this essay to explain your reasons for requesting our scholarship support.  The essay portion will be judged on your needs request, writing skills and creativity.

Applicant must be at least a senior in high school. There is no upper age limit to apply.

Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited educational or training institution at the time of application.

Scholarships can be awarded to an applicant in ether a college/university or trade school.

For applicants progressing directly from high school, a 3.0 GPA minimum for the applicant’s junior and senior years are required

For those applicants currently in college or trade schools, a 3.0 GPA, or specific institutional documentation of successful progress for the applicants most recent 2 years, is required.

  • For trade schools with under a two year enrollment, documentation of the applicant’s good standing for their enrollment period will suffice.

To account for the varying start dates of college semesters and trade schools, applications will be reviewed and scholarships will be awarded biannually.

  • Application deadlines are Mar 15 and Nov 15.
  • The target date for the application awards will be Apr 15 and Dec 15.
    • Applicants not chosen for Apr 15 award will be carried over to Dec 15.  Applications will not carry over to the next calendar year.

The number and dollar amount of USHA scholarships awarded will be dependent on funds available and the number of applicants. With a general goal of $5,000 in scholarship money in annual award as a guideline, this will be evaluated by USHA BOD to determine dollars awarded per annum, based on review of Association finances and donations made specific to the scholarship fund.

Scholarship monies will be paid directly to the school or institution. No money will be paid directly to the recipient.

Current USHA Officers, board members, and their immediate families are ineligible to apply for the Stan Stewart scholarship.

Best of luck in your journey, and thank you for checking out our USHA Scholarship page.

The link on this page will lead to our application.  All of the applicants will be using the same electronic application.

This page will be kept current by Kurt La Rue, and any proposed changes or other comments should be sent to him.

For complete application and selection criteria, please see the link below.


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